Learn how Butterd BodyCare used Playback to grow their website engagement by 200% and reduced bounce rate by 20%.

Learn how Butterd BodyCare used Playback to grow their website engagement by 200% and reduced bounce rate by 20%.

Average time spent by a visitor on any brand website is 52 seconds. That's extremely limited and crucial moments to educate your customers quickly about your brand. Most visitors don't have patience to read the "About Us" pages and leave the website instantly if its not engaging. Learn how you can increase that time spent and build a personal connection in a short span with customers.  

A feel good beauty brand to affirm the skin we're in.

As the next generation of body care that caters to the nuances of dry and melanated skin, Butter'd Bodycare was founded by American entrepreneur Brittany Bygrave and is sold directly to consumers online. It's a one-step hydration process that helps strengthen your defenses. They help dry, pigmented skin retain moisture and retain their natural glow. The purpose of the brand is to encourage and celebrate each of us in the unique form that nature has given us. Butter'd's goal is to provide products that allow their community to be represented accurately.

The story behind Butter'd Bodycare
Since she was a teenager, she didn't feel good or comfortable in her skin. She dealt with acne, hyperpigmentation and eczema. In searching for solutions, she was met with harmful ingredients and uncomfortable with brands that were on the market. After numerous attempts to find the products that felt like home, she decided to create the product herself.

She started her journey in product creation at NCA&T in her dorm room. She quickly found that her community felt the same way. She is on a mission to continually help you feel heard, safe and good with products that were made for you. Her promise to the community is to tell your skin story authentically.

How Brittany is using Playback

Playback is an interactive video bubble that sits directly on the brand website and helps the visitors to quickly learn about a brand, its founder story and unique value proposition in matter of minutes. The tool helps you combine short form videos into an interactive quiz or video series format, which the customers can click and engage to get educated about the brand story. You can add founder stories, how-to-videos, user generated content or any educational videos to launch your video series quickly.

Using Playback, Britanny is able to personally introduce her brand and greet each visitor to her brand website. She can finally treat her customers like VIPs, just like in a brick-and-mortar store.

She also includes instructional material to highlight her body cream's unique selling points and to clarify for which customers it is appropriate to use. In addition, she educates customers on how to get the most out of her body cream by providing five useful tips. In a nutshell, Britanny uses Playback Interactive Video format to deliver a personalised shopping experience to customers directly on her brand website in 3 ways:

  1. Greeting and connecting with website visitors on a more personal level
  2. Putting the spotlight on what makes the product unique
  3. Distributing helpful hints and instructional materials for making the most of the product

Results: 200% increase in session time & 20% reduction in bounce rates

ButterBody Care was able to increase the average time spent by customers on their website by 200%(from 1minute to 3minutes) and their bouce rate reduced from 76% to 50% in one month time 🚀🚀🚀

YES! You can take customer feedbacks using google forms or typeform, attach multiple links  as well as create branching video series with Playback.

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