5 video inspirations to engage your brand website visitors

5 video inspirations to engage your brand website visitors

According to a study by Microsoft, the average human attention span is 8 seconds. For perspective, that’s 1 second lower than that of a goldfish. The takeaway here is that your site needs to captivate visitors the second they land on it or risk losing them forever.

Now we all know that humans have five sensory organs. And that by far, the one we rely on the most is our eyes. This is why videos are one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal for capturing attention. But how does this apply to building websites in particular? This is where the concept of video landing pages comes in.

A video landing page is a web page that uses video to introduce a product or service. The video is typically placed at the top of the landing page, where a hero image usually goes. Aside from this, all the other text and rich media below the fold can remain the same.

The goal of the video is to capture the visitor’s attention just long enough to give them a reason to convert.
To do this, the video might rapid-fire through:
- Who you are
- What problem you solve
- How your solution works
- And why it’s different from everything else that’s out there.

There is a vast selection of video types to choose from, but certain video types may be more effective than others for specific landing pages or offers. Below is a non-exhaustive list of the most common video types and their potential use cases.

Spots: Spots are the most well-known and time-tested video type, usually a 15-30 second commercial. Although expensive to produce, spots often have high production value and make use of creative stories, influencers, humor, and popular music. The biggest advantage of producing a spot is its reusability on various channels like TV, movie theaters, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Explainers: An explainer video may be the right choice for your landing page if visitors may have trouble understanding your product or service. These videos illustrate how your business solves a problem for the audience and often feature voiceovers and animation. Explainer videos can incorporate whatever media is necessary to visually tell your story.

Product Demos: Product demo videos show the features and benefits of a product or service, making them ideal for highly technical offerings. They can be shot professionally or recorded from a live stream and can be straight to the point or feature hosts and hyperbolic claims to make your brand more memorable. These videos are also great to use in blog posts to give readers more context.

Testimonials: Customer testimonial videos add social proof to your page and can feature customers gushing about your product or service, using it, or sharing emotional stories about how your business solved a pain point. Creating a testimonial also shows appreciation for your customers, which positively impacts retention.

Behind-the-Scenes: Behind-the-scenes videos give visitors an inside look at your business, making them ideal for businesses with visually appealing processes or passionate craftsmen that can explain the work that goes into the product or service delivery. They are also an opportunity to share your values and introduce the people behind the brand, creating a more intimate relationship with your audience.

You can think of this video as an elevator pitch since it needs to summarize your business in a way that’s both quick and exciting. If you’re a startup, you might want to check out our dedicated guide to video marketing right here. Of course, once you’ve gotten their attention with the video, you can get them to further engage with you through a demo, sales call, or simply using your favorite email marketing software to get them on an email list to build a relationship.